Form 3 Human & Social Biology


Human and Social Biology -

Form 3  

15:55:44  2010-10-15  Article # 1 


 Read the following article and answer the questions in your own words. This is due on Thursday 21st Oct.

Copy and paste the following website into a new browser:


  1.  Why is the temperature of the planet is rising? 
  2. Which greenhouse gas is mentioned in the article?
  3. What is the relationship between this greenhouse gas and the food that we eat?
  4. Cow manure is a source of which potent greenhouse gas?
  5. Which is less harmful on the environment, producing to grow and eat a pound of potatoes or a half-pound all-beef burger?
  6. What would be the impact of substituting chicken for beef?
  7. What are the environmental and nutritional/energy advantage (use notes too) of eating more vegetables and less meat?