I have posted two different schedules.  The first schedule is our daily schedule.  The second schedule is our specials schedule.  Our specials change depending on what day it is.

Daily Schedule:

8:00:  Arrival/Morning Work

8:10:  Announcements/Attendance

8:15-9:10:  Morning Meeting

9:10-10:10:  Specials

10:10-10:20:  Snack/Math Journal

10:20-11:00:  Whole Group Phonics Lesson

11:00-11:45:  Literacy Centers/Guided Reading Group 

11:45-12:15:  Writing:  Whole group and journal writing

12:20-12:55: Lunch

1:00-2:00:  Math

2:00-2:15:  Science/Social Studies

2:15-2:30:  Rest Time

2:30-2:45:  Recess

2:45:  Kindergarten Dismissal

Specials Schedule:

A Day: Technology

B Day:  PE

C Day:  Music

D Day: Art

E Day:  PE

F Day:  Music

G Day:  Spanish