I know what you are thinking...Homework in kindergarten???  Yes, even in Kindergarten we have homework. 

Homework Packets:  Our main form of homework in Kindergarten is the monthly homework packets we send home starting in September.  These packets have quick homework activities for the kids to do weekly from Monday through Thursday.  I will check these packets at the END of the month.  Those who have completed the packets will receive a treat!!!

Sight Words:  In addition to the homework packets you should be going over the list of sight words every day.  We will go over 4 lists throughout the year.  1A during the first nine weeks, 1B during the second nine weeks, 2A during the third nine weeks, and 2B during the fourth nine weeks.  Kindergarteners must know all 40 sight words before going to first grade.

There are also certain skills that you should be going over with your child during certain times of the school year.  Remember that skills build on each other so continue to work on all skills year round.

First Nine Weeks:  Upper and Lowercase letter recognition;  Letter Sounds; Number recognition 0-25; rote counting 0-25; sight words

Second Nine Weeks:  Sounding words out for reading and writing; sight words, number words 0-10; Writing simple words

Third Nine Weeks:  Sounding words out for reading and writing; Writing simple sentences; Beginning sentences with a capital letter; Sight words; Telling time to the hour; Coin recognition; Number words 11-20; Simple addition

Fourth Nine Weeks:  Reading simple books; Writing complete sentences:  Begin with a capital and end with correct punctuation; Number words 21-25; Simple addition and subtraction