My BEE Book

BEE Book stands for Bring Everything Every day...This is a binder that your child will bring to school EVERY DAY and take home from school EVERY DAY.

**Front Page Protector:  Monthly Homework Packet

**Pencil Pouch:  This is for your money and notes.  Please put permission slips, lunch money, field trip money, absent notes, and book club money in here.  MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON ALL MONEY SENT IN!!!

**Agenda:  This is our main communication tool between teacher and parent.  Check each date nightly for a note about your child's behavior.  This is also where you can write me notes for any questions or concerns.  Please check the agenda nightly and sign your intials so I know you have read it.

**Take Home Folder:  Please check this daily for any important information and happendings in our classroom.  Some things you will need to sign and return.  Please send them back in the folder.

**Back Page Protector: Reading Log; Monthly reading log is used daily.  Please color one icon for each night you read with your child.  At the end of the month I will check for completed forms and those children will get a free Pizza Hut pass.