Responses to the Narrative Questions

1) How did you use the knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed within the MS in Educational Technology program to support and advance student learning, creativity, and reflection and curriculum innovation, assessment, and revision?

2) Discuss how you integrated your studies and experiences in the MS program in Educational Technology to enhance your skills in designing and developing digital-age learning experiences and assessments. 

3) Please explain how your studies and experiences within the MS in Educational Technology program empowered you to serve as an innovative professional in a global and digital society.  Include in your discussion experiences collaborating with all members of your learning community.

4) How has the professional development received through the graduate program empowered you to support the diverse needs of all students, advocate safe and ethical uses of technology, and develop cultural and global awareness?

5) How has the professional development from this graduate program added to your professional growth, leadership in your educational setting, participation in local and global learning communities, and self-renewal as an educator, researcher, and collaborator?