Some great educational technology sources:

Annual Technology Plan Data Collection Tech Plan Implementation Report. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Assessment Technology Corporation. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

The CEO Forum: School Technology and Readiness Report. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Collaborative Evaluation led by Local Educators. Downloaded January 19, 2010.


Connecticut Administrator Technology Standards. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Connecticut State Department of Education School/District Data. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Critical Issue: Providing Professional Development for Effective Technology Use. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR). Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Dispute Highlights eRate’s ambiguities. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

An Educator’s Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Eight Steps for Writing or Revising District Technology Plans. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Evaluating the Implementation of Your Technology Plan. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Finding Additional Value in New Accountability Systems. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

Funding Professional Development During Economically Challenged Times. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Instruments for Assessing the Impact of Technology on Education. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

K-12 grants. Downloaded January 18, 2010.

LoTi- Heating Up 21st Century Learning. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Madison County Schools System Technology Plan 2001-2006. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Managing Wisconsin’s Infoglut. Downloaded January 18, 2010.


Model Schools. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


National Center for Technology Planning. Downloaded January 18, 2010.


National Educational Technology Standards. Downloaded January 18, 2010.


Planning for Change and Technology. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


School District Tech Spending: Don’t Leave Him Behind. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


TCO Checklist. Downloaded January 19, 2010.

Technology Assessment and Impact. Downloaded January 19, 2010.


2009-2012 Technology Guiding Questions for Arkansas School Districts and Open Enrollment Charter Schools. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


Technology Integration, Assessment, and No Child Left Behind. Downloaded January 19, 2010. 


Technology Plan Revision Checklist. Downloaded January 18, 2010. 


Technology Visioning Process. Downloaded January 18, 2010.


Tips for Writing Technology Vision Statement & Goals. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


Twelve Steps to Trimming your TCO. Downloaded January 17, 2010.



Using Data to Improve Student Achievement. Downloaded January 17, 2010.


Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios. Downloaded January 19, 2010.