Narrative Question 1

1) How did you use the knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed within the MS in Educational Technology program to support and advance student learning, creativity, and reflection and curriculum innovation, assessment, and revision?

I think that the biggest part of the MS in Educational Technology for me was the idea that I had to stop and reflect on everything that I did. I had to look at how it worked for me and how the students reacted to things I taught. Did they learn from the technology? Did they know how to use it? Did they use it correctly? Were my objectives accomplished? By going back and looking/evaluating their work, it forced me to take stock of myself as a teacher. I really believe that I am a better teacher because I now have the skill of self-evaluation much more refined then before I started my masters. Since I am now better at self-evaluating, I can pass that along to my students along with the being able to create more meaningful and creative lessons. If my students are engaged and learning, then I am doing my job and test scores will be on the rise.

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