Narrative Question 5

5) How has the professional development from this graduate program added to your professional growth, leadership in your educational setting, participation in local and global learning communities, and self-renewal as an educator, researcher, and collaborator?

This professional development has helped me to reach outside of my comfort zone and experiment with new technologies and ways of doing things. It also has led me to hear others ideas and give out some of my own ideas to others to use. When I need help or an idea, I now know where to look on the internet to get excellent resources to all kids of information whether it is lesson plans, unit ideas or just how to use technology more effectively and efficiently. In addition, I also find myself more willing to take the time and do the research on information relating to technology because I now understand really what to look for. Before, the subject was just too large and too abstract to completely comprehend. I feel like I learned things in the program or online or at a professional development and I can now bring those things back to school and share them with both the teachers in my department and other teachers. This has allowed for professional growth and leadership to increase substantially. I have the MS in Educational Technology program to thank for that.

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