About Ms. Fochler

Well hello all my bright and shining students! This is Ms. Fochler's page and this is where she is going to tell you and all of your fabulous parents about her and how she got to be your teacher this year.


I have been working with children for eleven years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The ages have ranged from six months all the way up to sixth graders. My experience has ranged from working as an aide in a child care center to teaching preschool. I also taught a Spanish language program for a brief time as well as ran a child care center somewhere in the mix. During all of those adventures I have found Vansville to be the best place yet!

This is the third year that Vansville has been open for those of you who do not know that, and I have been here since opening day! In the midst of it all we got through and opened our doors to all of you lovely children on that first day ready to learn.

As an educator I believe that all students have the drive to learn and the ability to achieve anything if we give them the tools and the support in which they need to do so. Everyday a teacher touches the lives of children. As an educator my goal has always been my goal to make my classroom a joyous place to be. I want my students not only to learn reading, mathematics, and science, but to be themselves and succeed in all that they do. As an educator you cannot just recite facts to students from textbooks, but know those facts and find ways to present them in order to reach all the students in your classroom. All students learn differently, whether it be from hearing, reading, seeing, or manipulating, and a good teacher must recognize that and present the lessons to all of them.

In addition to all that I do in the classroom I plan to continue my own learning experience as well so that I may learn new ways of teaching, communicating, and bonding with my students. As long as my students are learning new things, I too must continue to learn. This is why I am now back in school too, continuing my education by pursuing my masters degree.  Teaching to me is not just a job, but a gift given to me that I can share with others. When it comes to education I have high expectations, not only for my students but  for myself as well. Together as educators, students, and families, we can make a differences in our children's futures.