Policies and Procedures


Before class: Come to class prepared and sharpen your pencil before the bell rings.

Beginning of the hour: You are to immediately write in your agenda and begin the bell-ringer

Turning in late work or make-up work: There is a missing/late work tray for you to turn in your assignment.  Do not turn it in to your regular hour tray because it will be graded separately.

Leaving the room: You will have 5 passes per semester to leave my room.  If you forget to bring your passes to class or you run out, do not ask to leave the room.

Asking questions/discussions: Please be respectful. Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking out. If the teacher or a peer is talking be courteous and listen.

Using your locker: There are no bags, coats, or backpacks allowed in the classroom. These things need to be kept in your locker at all times. Please do not ask to go back to your locker.

End of the hour: The teacher dismisses the class...not the bell.

Paper heading: Each paper you turn in must have the following heading on the upper left hand side of the page, just after the red line. This is the same heading you will use on all your papers turned in to all your teachers in all subjects.                                                

First Name Last Name                                               

Teacher's Name                                               

Subject   Class Hour

Day  Month  Year