Sixth Grade Mathematics

Ms. French - Red Team 

To my students and parents,           

I am looking forward to a great year of amazing sixth grade mathematics students!  I expect nothing but the best from your child and you can expect the same from me.  Please read the following guidelines and procedures to help this year to be such a success.

Class Conduct:

Follow the golden rule...treat others as you would want to be treated.

  1. Everyone is to be prepared for class by bringing their binder, paper, a pencil and grading utensil to every class. 
  2. Students are to be in their assigned seats when the bell rings to avoid being tardy.
  3. Students are to be respectful to EVERYONE.
  4. All rules printed in the student handbook apply to our classroom.   

Supplies for math class:  Binder with three dividers (bell-ringer, notes and assignments), wide-ruled paper, pencil, and grading utensil

Class Information:

Textbook: The school will provide a class set of textbooks to remain in the classroom and provide each student with a textbook to remain at home throughout the year.  A lost or damaged book will need to be paid for at the purchased price. 

Homework and Tests: Homework will be assigned based on classroom performance.  The tests in this class will be made up of similar problems to the ones assigned in class or as homework. 

Grades: Grades will be based on the percentage scale of 90% or greater is an “A”, 80% or greater is a “B”, 70% or greater is a “C”, 60% or greater is a “D”, and 59% or below is a “F”.  

Teacher Contact Information:

Phone #:  357-8130                         Email:          


Available time for teacher help and/or parent contact:

11:44-1:08 p.m. (5th hr. plan period/lunch)   2:55-3:10 p.m. (after school)