: Inter-activities for Students :

 Inter-activities for Students




: Phonics :

Wild West Phonics

Short and Long Vowel Sound Picture Match

River Rhyming

Pirate Spelling

Spelling City


Word Wizard

Cluster Buster

Word Blender

Help Salty Sam Write A Postcard

Sandcastle Quiz

Look Out Below!

Silent Invaders: Find the Silent Letters

Syllables Factory

Space Hangman

: Vocabulary :

Synonym Golf

Prefix and Suffix Machine

Spin to Win Suffixes

Word Balloons Synonyms

Antonym Match

Compound Word Match

Prefix Match (re- and un-)

Fish 'Em Up (-ing)

: Parts of Speech :

Traveling Pronouns

Balloon Conjunctions

Conjunction POP!

Advertising with Adjectives and Adverbs

Blast the Rocket with Past-Tense Verbs

Mad Libs: "Our Cafeteria"

Mad Libs: "Jack and the Beanstalk"

Mad Libs: "Tyrannosaurus Rex"

Mad Libs: "H is for . . . Henry's Hot Dog Hut"

: Following Directions :

Plan A Route

: Alphabetical Order :

Alphabetical Adventure

: Character Studies :

Character Trading Cards



: Punctuation :

Alien Punctuation

Punctuation Splat

: Sentence Structure :

Kung-Fu Sentences

Penguins On Ice (Includes Punctuation Activity)

: Writing Stories :

Beginnings and Endings

Creating A Scene with Details

Comic Creator

: Similes and Metaphors :

Create A Monster Using Similes

: Poetry :

Concrete Poetry

Acrostic Poems

: Writing Letters :

Write a Letter to "Mrs. Smith"

Interactive Letter Generator

: Non-Fiction Writing :

Writing Instructions

Interactive Printing Press



: Ordering Numbers :

Forest Ordering

Splat Square Hundred Chart

"Give the Dog A Bone" Hundred Chart Activity

: Patterns :

Adventure Sequences

Spooky Sequences: Count On By Twos

Spooky Sequences: Count On By Fives

Spooky Sequences: Count On By Tens

Spooky Sequences: Count Back By Twos

Spooky Sequences: Count Back By Fives

Spooky Sequences: Count Back By Tens

: Even and Odd Numbers :

Ghost Blasters: Even Numbers

Ghost Blasters: Odd Numbers

: Graphs :

Animal Island Data

Interpreting Data

: Place Value :

Shark Pool

: Addition :

Repair the Slide Addition

Sum Sense Addition

Ghost Blasters: Set Sum Addition

Ghost Blasters: Double Digit Addition

Speed Grid Addition I

Speed Grid Addition II

Speed Grid Addition III

: Subtraction :

Repair the Slide Subtraction

Sum Sense Subtraction

  Ghost Blasters: Double Digit Minus Single Digit Subtraction  

Speed Grid Subtraction I

Speed Grid Subtraction II

Speed Grid Subtraction III

: Time :


Clock Works

Stop the Clock!

Bang On Time

 : Fractions and Shapes : 

Pizza Fractions

Shape Lab

Ordering Fractions

Design A Flag Using Fractions



: Life Science :

Food Chains

Keep Ben Healthy

Ruby's Heart

Label the Skeletons

Put Annie's Skeleton Back Together

 Living Things Sort

Animal Habitats Sort

: Physical Science :

 States of Matter Heating and Cooling Machine 

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Sort and Observe 

Friction Car Track


Properties of Materials

Properties of Rocks and Soil

: Earth Science :

The Earth's Orbit

: Space Science :

Social Studies


Ask Jeeves for Kids



Kids InfoBits

eLibrary Elementary

Yahoo! KIDS Study Zone

Fact Monster