Reading Logs

Reading Logs

All students will be required to complete a reading log each week. Homework logs are due on Friday and should includeall reading minutes Monday – Thursday from that week. Students must read for 15 minutes or more each night. Reading logs must be signed by an adult who saw the student reading.

Reading logs should be written on a clean sheet of paper. A sample and grading rubric can be found below.

Reading Log Rubric:

____ / 1 pt   Student has a proper Bridge Heading

____ / 1 pt   Student identified the title of the book and author

____ / 1 pt   Student read for 15 minutes on Monday

____ / 1 pt   Student read for 15 minutes on Tuesday

____ / 1 pt   Student read for 15 minutes on Wednesday

____ / 1 pt   Student read for 15 minutes on Thursday

____ / 4 pt   An adult signed the book report

Extra Credit Opportunity!

____ / 8 pt (2 pts per day)  Student read ALOUD to an adult for the entire 15+ minutes. To get extra credit, please write "BONUS" next to that reading log entry and have a parent sign next to the word "BONUS." (See example below.)If you read aloud every day, you could early an extra 8 points each week! Be sure to get an adult signature for each "BONUS" entry to receive your credit.

Sample Reading Log


Name of  Student                                                                                                                               Teacher’s Name

The Date                                                                                                                                            Homeroom #

Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author: Scott O’Dell

Tue 9/7/10 – 15 minutes, Pg. 1-13

Wed 9/8/10 – 25 minutes, Pg. 13-20 BONUS (Parent Signature Here)

Thur 9/9/10 – 20 minutes, Pg. 20-38

Parent Signature _________________________________________ Date 9/10/10