Standards For Learning

Our elementary schools are places where curiosity is contagious, reading is sacred, and character is paramount. Each day, we make learning come alive for students through an intensive academic program that places children in the driver’s seat of their education, and empowers them to become lifelong learners.

KIPP Miami elementary schools implement renowned literacy program Fountas and Pinnell Classroom to help support reading engagement and growth. This approach emphasizes the joy of reading through read-alouds, hands-on activities, songs, and asking big questions to help bring the text to life. We encourage students to read books at and above their reading levels in order to build literacy skills. We also make sure our students interact deeply with texts at the grade level standard. Stop any student in our hallways and ask them what they’re reading--then prepare yourself for a long conversation--they’ll probably list three to five books! Students participate in several independent and guided reading sessions each day and also have frequent opportunities to select books from classroom or school libraries.

Our math curriculum is centered around real-world problem-solving. Through the tough problems they tackle and the culture of collaboration in the classroom, our kids fall in love with the study of mathematics. We reject “I do, we do, you do” teaching where students imitate the teacher’s approach to a problem. Instead, our lessons require kids to use what they know to attack a new problem that is one step beyond what they have ever done, but still possible for kids to tackle with hard work. Our math curriculum is derived from the Eureka Math program and we center the program around the Cognitively Guided Instruction method, which empowers students to progressively build on what they know about math to infer solutions to problems and represent their thinking in multiple ways.