A Perfect Kindergarten Job

We can do a Perfect Kindergarten Job!!

There are 21 students in our classroom this year.  When Ms. Casillas is teaching or one of our friends is sharing information, we show them that we respect what they have to say by doing a Perfect Kindergarten Job. 

Ears Listening 


  •  In class, we discussed how good it makes us feel to know that someone is listening to what we have to say. 


Eyes Watching


  •  Our friends and our teachers know that we are listening to them when they can see that we are looking at them.


Mouths Quiet




Bodies Still and Criss-Cross Applesauce

Raise Your Hand When You Want to Talk 


  •  Everybody in our class has interesting thoughts to share, but if everyone talks at the same time we can't hear anything and it's a BIG MESS!! We raise our hand to show that we have words to share. Ms. Casillas will call on us if it's a good time to share our thoughts. Sometimes, we want to share our thoughts but it's not the right time, then we need to wait.