Ms. G's Remarkable Writers' Showcase

Writing for a real audience is much more fun and motivating than writing for your English teacher or an imagined audience.  This Remarkable Writers' Showcase offers student writers a place to display their skills and talents, thereby giving them a real audience as big as the World Wide Web!

Each piece presented here has been through the writing process from prewriting to drafting to revising and editing.  The final products are published in the Showcase for you to enjoy.  Throughout the process, students learn and practice skills to add depth and accuracy to their writing, helping them create the best possible final product.

Please understand that student writing is exactly that, student writing.  Creative and mechanical skills are only revised and edited within the range of what is appropriate for each student at his/her ability level.  As students strive to reach higher skill levels, they may make mistakes or use awkward words or phrases.  At the Showcase, we applaud all attempts at growth, even though they may not produce perfect products at first.  We hope you will do the same.


Ms. G.