Vincent's Page

If I Were In Charge of the Country

(Inspired by Judith Viorst)


If I were in charge of the country,

I'd cancel shots, vegetables, school, and also homework.

If I were in charge of the country,

There'd by better games and computers, tastier foods, and longer-lasting psp's.

If I were in charge of the country,

You wouldn't have icky vegetables

You wouldn't have rules

Or, "Go practice the piano."

You wouldn't even have annoying scratchy sounds.

If I were in charge of the country,

Ice cream would be good for you,

All fruits would be milk chocolate,

And a person who sometimes has bad feelings,

And sometimes doesn't listen,

Would still be allowed to be

In charge of the country.


My Sister

      I rushed in my sister's room and took a book.  In a blink of an eye, I was out.  My sister didn't notice that it was gone for two days.  When she found out, she yelled at me. 

     My sister is sometimes nice and sometimes mean.  My sister is nice when she shares her iPhone with me.  When she plays with me, I usually play the Wii and the computer with her.

     When she gets annoying, she usually scrunches up her face and starts yelling at me.  And then we often end in fights.  When we fight, I occasionally lose.  I sometimes get my dad to help me.

     My sister sometimes tries to steal money from my secret hiding place, and she purposley gets me mad.  Then we both get in trouble for fighting, and we don't have fun for the rest of the day.

     I bother her for fun or on a dare.  When my friends and I do bother her, we have lots of fun for annoying my sister and getting in trouble.  When we do annoy her we take stuff she likes, and that makes her really mad.  My sister also took my library book, and my mom almost had to pay money for it.

     Even though I fight with Sharon and she gets mad, I still like playing with my sister.  I think she is the best sister ever!


By Myself

(Inspired by Eloise Greenfield)

When I'm by myself and I close my eyes

I'm a room full of ducks, I'm a state full of trucks

I'm a room full of pie, I'm a person who won't die

I'm a rock song, I am a gong

I'm a car painted blacker, I'm a slacker

I'm a whatever I want to be, an anything I care to be

And when I open my eyes, what I care to be is a...



The Summer Day

     I rushed to get the phone.  I wanted to call Ethan and ask him if he could play.  He exclaimed, "Yes, I can play!"  I shouted and jumped with joy.

     My mom drove me to Ethan's house to watch the world cup.  It was the U.S. A. against Salvania.  The U.S. scored two points.  When they scored their first goal, Ethan yelled, "In your face, Salvania."  After the game, when I went into the pool, I saw some dirt.  Then Ethan and his dad came to race and play some games with me.  We played keep away in the water with his dad.  We played 3 rounds.  First, we started out with the cloth.  I passed it to Ethan, and I said, "Ethan, catch!"  Then he rapidly swam for the goal, and he surprisingly got the point.  I tasted water when he splashed me.  It tasted salty.  Round 2 began.  We came at Ethan's dad this time.  I scored the point.  The third round Ethan's dad was unstoppable.  He would come right at us, and it was really hard to defend the goal from him.  After we dried ourselves, then Ethan and I played Epic Duel on the computer.  When you battle, a screen of attacking and healing items will appear.  Once when Ethan battled, he exclaimed, "Dang it.  I lost!"  If you win, you will gain money and experience. 

     I wish I could spend more days with my friend Ethan.  Watching the soccer world cup, swimming, and playing Epic Duel.  I had a marvelous time.


The Good Book

     Peg Kheret encourages people to fight disabilities and diseases.  She encourages people to not give up.  He leads are exciting like adventures and rollercoasters.

     Five Pages a Day encourages readers with disabilities or diseases to not stop fighting.  A man at the age of forty-six had a disability so he couldn't read.  When he read Stepping Stones he thanked Peg Kheret and said, "Thank you, Peg.  I finally know how to read."  Five Pages a Day tells about to never give up on hope.  When aiming upon a goal, Peg Kheret wrote The Dog Newspaper.  She only got fans once, then they didn't like it.  She tried to write a few books when she was older but all she got were rejection slips.

     Peg Kheret taught things to kids and to adults to appreciate life a lot more.


                                                                                                                               MY BIG INJURY

     I went biking as fast as a car to the tennis court to play tennis. But then my bike slipped and I scraped my whole left leg. Then I saw a little bit of blood and I thought “no problem I can still play tennis,” but when I got to the tennis court my whole leg was bleeding. I couldn’t move my left leg so my dad carried me to the car. When we got home we had to put  medicine on the bleeding leg. then we applied some fresh bandages to the wound.When we were finished putting the bandages on, I went to bed. I couldn’t play tennis because I could barely walk, but I could still watch Sharon play tennis. I watched right beside the fence. I couldn’t participate in running activities. I couldn’t participate in physical activities. I couldn’t even play with my friends. When we tried to take it off I cried out in pain. My mom thought a little bit of water would help, but it made the pain worse. After it was taken off, I felt much, much, much better. I could walk a little bit.But then I had to go to school again. I couldn’t participate in running activities. Having a big bloody leg wasn’t fun at all. I still have the scar from when I was seven. I had a dreadful time.



     "Hey, Mom, can I go watch that ride?"  I thought my mom said yes.

     "Thanks, Mom." 

     So I went and watched right beside the railing.  When the show was over, I looked for my mom, but she wasn't there!  I was lost, lost, and LOST.  SeaWorld's as big as an airplane field.  I was spooked and creeped out that I couldn't find my mom or dad any more.


     One day jerry and I were going home and it was raining HARD. It took us a really long time to get back home.  We were inside Jerry’s car watching rain pour down like a waterfall. There was a lot of traffic and we were stuck. We drove to a lane where several cars were in reverse. Jerry suggested that we try the other lane. When we got to the bottom of the ramp, several cars made a u-turn. Then we saw the problem; water was flowing out of a flooded creek it was five inches high Jerry exclaimed, “Holy cow the water is so high!”  It felt like it would take forever to get back home. The water was so high that I thought it was like a mini-flood. I thought it would keep raining, raining, and raining forever! We saw a car speed through the water and water splashed high over the car. We also went through the water, but we went really slowly, Jerry’s mom was afraid that some water would damage the engine. When I finally got home, I couldn’t wait to stand up and stretch my arms and legs because I had been in the car too long.  I feel lucky to be in the car and not in the drenching rain.



     Before I was born, my name was changed four times from Skylar, Evan, Morgan  and finally to Vincent.

     At first my parents wanted to name me Skylar. One day my mom heard a new moved in neighbor call,”Skylar, Skylar, Skylar. Come here!” When my mom went to asked if our neighbor had a child named Skylar she replied, “No that was my dog.”The next name that my parents thought of was Evan Young. But my mom’s coworker answered, “No that sounds like the name on the brand name Evanyoung the spring water bottle people will make fun of him.” So that name failed. The third name my parents tried was Morgan young but, in Chinese it is mao gen= to bush roots so that name was eliminated. Finally Vincent is the name my parents picked. In Chinese Vin stands for scholar and cent stands for forest. My parents My sister And my mom’s mom came to the hospital. They got to the hospital around 10:00 my sister wasn’t even tired. First, she played with another little kid then she sat on a bench for the rest of the time. I was born the next morning. There was also a family having a little brother. My sister asked their sister what their brother’s name was. Then the other girl said what’s your brother’s name Sharon said Vincent yang. That’s an ugly name then Sharon says your brother has an ugly name too.  Next they started insulting each brothers names, Even my mom could hear them yelling from down the hall. Later my relatives were here in America to celebrate that I was