Jerry's Page

By Myself

(Inspired by Eloise Greenfield)

 When I'm by myself and I close my eyes

I'm a person that's eleven, I'm a palace in heaven

I'm a Michael Jackson fan, my skin is tan

I'm a rock song, I am a place in Hong Kong

I'm a turning turning top, I'm a rolling ball

I'm a whatever I want to be, an anything I care to be

And when I open my eyes what I care to be is...



If I Were In Charge of the Milky Way

(Inspired by Judith Viorst)

If I were in charge of the planets

I'd cancel school, work, grumpy people, cabbage, swimming, Nike shoes, and also

Ugly people.

If I were in charge of the Milky Way

There'd be gods, Titans, books, guinea pigs,

No lions, no tigers, and

No carnivores.

If I were in charge of the Milky Way

You wouldn't have to take baths,

You wouldn't have to play things you don't want to play,

Or, "Do your work!"

You wouldn't even have war.

If I were in charge of the Milky Way

I would be a god,

All the people would be mortals,

And a person who sometimes is fast,

And sometimes is awesome,

Would still be allowed to be

In charge of the Milky Way.


Laser Tag

    I dashed behind Jason and shot him in the back.  I went around and kept shooting him until he lost.  I think it was because he was going easy on me.  He wasn't careful when I shot him in the back.  His volume was turned off, and his back was on me.  He tried to find me, but couldn't.  He almost saw me, but I ran away in the last second.  Then I played with Sid, a kid who lived next to me.  We played and I almost won, but he won and I lost.  Then I asked Donna but she was too scared to try.


Perfect Summer Day

     "I am very excited," I said.  Last week I started having swim lessons from a friend.  His name is Haiyin.  He is the first or second fastest swimmer in Pearland.  I think if we had a race he would beat me by a few yards at most.  He's 5' 8".  He has curly black hair with skinny  strong legs.  I took lessons at swim academy.  My form was correct, but they had a small pool so I was slow.  At the end of classes we played games, and when I was it, it was very hard to get my friends.  My mom wanted me to swim better so one day we met Haiyin at the pool.  He taught me a little butterfly and freestyle.  Before, I swam with my arms in circles.  Now I swim with my elbows in circles.  It saves a lot of energy.  Before, when I kicked my knees it was bent so I could hardly move.  Now, I swim with my knees straight.  It's a lot faster and it saves more energy.  Before when I swam I didn't turn my body.  Now when I swim I turn my body so it eases my breath.  After Haiyin corrected my form I practiced by swimming 50 yards.  The pool has lanes.  We can't swim in the lanes.  I can feel the coolness of the water.  The pool has a shallow end and a deep end.  In both I can see the water and hear water splashing.  We have races in the deep end.  You can taste the saltiness of the water in your mouth.  Some people play catch or baseball in the shallow end.  This will be easy, I thought.  Now when I have races with my friends I'm usually a few inches behind the first-place swimmer.  I am sometimes third but mostly second place.  I really like swimming.  I will keep learning from Haiyin.


The Book Report

     The book Five Pages a Day was a very very long story, but it was really really fun.  I wonder how many minutes or hours it would take me to read the entire thing in one day.  I wonder if Peg Kheret would enjoy me writing to her.  Her book is like a journal.  Her book is based on her life.  She won many prizes like a car and a trip to Hawaii in writing contests in twenty-five words or less.  Everything she got was grandprize!  The only thing she didn't get grandprize was her dog's weight in gold.  She got second place instead.  She got polio when she was twelve.  She got paralyzed neck-down.  I like the story of her getting polio best because I wanted to know how it felt to have polio because I wasn't born when there was polio.  She felt lonely.  The hot packs steamed on her skin.  She needed help itching because she was paralyzed.  She had friends that would be her friends for a long time.  There was an air tent above her so it eased her breathing.


Not Leaving


     One time, after piano lessions, I wanted to go to my friend, Vincent's house to have fun because he invited Ethan, Michal, Nikita, and Pedro. But my dad said no.I asked,

     " Why?" My dad said,

     "Do your piano work first." Then I said,

     " Fine."

     I was a little upset but I still did my piano homework. The homework was hard. It asked you questions that were like What is a scale degree? And What was Handel's famous work? Sometimes there were fun sheets. Fun sheets are always after reveiws and lessons. They were fun but still hard and make you think.

     I couldn't focus because I kept thinking about what if Vincent left without me?  I worked and worked then I was done. In the end, I got to Vincent’s house and I found everybody waiting for me. I was glad they did not have to wait long. I went swimming with them. I was so happy.



     One time I saw a friend playing a game called Shrek Kart on an iTouch. He was twisting and turning the iTouch as if he was driving a real car. It's awesome.

     I like the iTouch because it has games, music and it is like a small computer. My dad said no. I tried to convince him into buying me an iTouch. I said things like,

     "But Vincent has one." But he said,

     "It is a hand-me-down from his sister." I protested and said,

     "I don't have a sister, besides, you have an iPod and an Mp3 player. So why can't I have an iTouch?"

     "Because I will have to pay all that money."

     We checked and found out that an iTouch costs about 200 dollars.

     "How about me paying you stars instead?"

     I get stars for studying well, doing family chores, and doing yard work. Since I had 150 stars, I only need 66 stars including tax. And dad said,

     "Yes if you can earn 66 stars."

     In the end I convinced him into buying me an iTouch. This will be easy I thought, but when I didn't earn 66 stars in one month, I thought,

     “Oh no, this will take a long time. School is almost out so there will be less study well stars.”  But my dad told me there will be a new version with a web cam in September, so I'm determined not to give up. I think it's cooler than my friend's.

My Closet


     My closet is  on the right beside my bedroom door. It is very, very small. It is like a small box itself.  It has a pole for you to hang your clothes on. It has boxes, hangers, bags, and hats. It does not have toys for you to play with in there. It is dark because it does not have a light to shine in it. If you play games like hide-and-go-seek, then it is very unlikely for you to get seen first. You have to crouch down to hide in it.  You can't throw it, run through it, or punch a hole through it.  I like my closet.



        I'm from Canada. It is cold in the winter and has a lot of snow. The city snowed in and with Christmas lights on is like a white palace. I wonder how high the snow can rise up to because I forgot.  In the fall, you can see the red and gold maple leaves. It is very pretty. It is so cold in the winter that your teeth chatter; it's so hot in the summer that your ice cream melts; it's breezy in the spring with snow in April; and it is chilly in the fall so you have to wear a coat in September. I wish I was still in Canada.




            "This is going to be awsome!", I thought.


            When I got to Santa Fe Ski Park, I was so excited I wanted to jump out, get my boots and ski equipment, and take my ski lessons. I wanted to go to the lift and ski to the bottom from a high mountain. My dad told me there is a peak that is about 12,075 feet high.

           "Yahoo!" I shouted.                                    


            But my mom told me I had to wait for my family and friends so I was a little upset and impatient. My mom taught me how to ski because I was sick yesterday. She showed me how to stop by pushing your skis into an "A".  She told me how to turn by pushing my skis sideways. First, I practiced in the novice's area, then after half an hour I took off.


            I went to a lift and I shot down the slope like an arrow. But I was supposed to zigzag. I practiced and practiced so after a few times I became good at zigzagging. I went from side to side without bumping into anybody or anything. Then I went skiing with my friends.


            I had a great time. I will never forget my first ever ski trip.


                                                      A BOOK                                                        

            The book Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian is a super duper good book. Percy's friend Nico has a plan for Percy to jump in the river Styx so Percy can be invincible. Percy is dreadful about the plan, but he still does it in the end. Percy lost a lot of friends during the battle aginst the titan-lord Kronos. In the suprise ending his old enemy Luke, instead of Percy, defeats Kronos. The book is like a timeline about the gods' life.

Percy Jakson is a great book because boys like adventure and fighting and it is mostly about adventure and fighting.  It is also a good book since it is a fantasy book and you can just run through trees. You can use your imagination and be a god or half-blood and join Percy Jackson.        




            Before I was born, I was in my mom's stomach. My legs were too long, so I would stretch once in a while and it would form a big lump. She would pat the lump so it would be like we were communicating to each other. I would also kick her stomach when I was hungry. She had to eat for me and herself, otherwise I would turn and kick, then she would be uncomfortable.

 When it was time for me to get out, I just somehow didn't want to so I wouldn't have to walk and I could just sleep all day. I liked my mom's stomach way better because her stomach was like a house to me. My parents had to go to a hospital. My mom fell asleep so when we were up, my dad had to wake her up and there the doctor pulled me out. I cried.