Here are links to resources that will be helpful to teaching "foods" related ELL classes. is a website I am choosing to put under "foods" because they offer a resource for food and drink, fruit, as well as dinner related vocabulary word flash cards.  The cards can be printed in a variety of ways, pictures with words or pictures without words and in one of two sizes.  The pictures are easy to understand and the print is language learner friendly in size and font.  You can print them in sets or single words.  The website also offers a variety of games, worksheets that you can create and adjust to meet your needs, in-class activities, songs, and links to helpful ESL resources.  This website is very user friendly and has a lot to offer any ESL teacher.

This particular link from the Busy Teacher's website offers 10 great activities to do with ESL students, all revolving around recipes!  From ideas that allow students to become familiar with recipes and words to hands-on cooking, this list offers many options for teaching Foods and Cooking to ESL students.  There are even ideas that draw upon student's backgrounds by using prior knowledge or family recipes.  All ten activities are easy to incorporate into any classroom and will definitely find their place in mine!

On the same Busy Teacher website, you can also find these Foods related worksheets that may supplement your classroom activities...all for FREE (once you register, or login using your Facebook account)!