Speaking and Listening

Here are links to resources that will be helpful when communicating (speaking and listening) in ELL classes.



This link offers a long list of dialogues that teachers can use in the ESL classroom.  They are fairly simple dialogue between two people about various topics.  For each dialogue, you can listen by clicking play but you may also pause or stop the dialogue at any time.  Each dialogue is written out so students may read it if they are on the computer or if the teacher chooses to project the dialogue on the screen.  After each short dialogue, there is a short "check your understanding" quiz.  Teachers may ask each student to take the quiz or may guide the class through the quiz together.  Along with each dialogue is a list of important vocabulary to know from the dialogue.  It may be important words or unique slang phrases that are often used in English that may have double meaning.  The dialogues topics seem very relevant as they are about answering the phone, participating in social events, choosing a restaurant, finding an apartment, etc.  These may be used in so many ways as listening activities in your ESL classroom.