Reading and Writing

Here are links to resources that will be helpful when reading and writing in ELL classes.

This website offers links to so many great resources, stories, exercises, cartoons, and even animations.  The resources and exercises links provides the opportunity to read and listen to many different short stories.  100 free short stories for ESL learners was a link that I found particularly interesting.  It offered many different stories, many about things happening in the news.  If you click one story, it takes you to the reading but there is also an audio available as well.  At the bottom of the reading, you find helpful links to vocabulary, crossword puzzles, and a variety of question "quizzes" that provide immediate feedback for the students.  If you click the Reading link, it asks you to determine your ability level for ESL.  Based on your proficiency, it takes you to an appropriate reading and grammar selection to help practice the skills.  Beyond those two links, you will find countless helpful links under resouces. If you look under stories, my favorite of the links was Sort It Out.  Sort it out is a fun, interactive way for students to get experience through manipulation of cartoon boxes.  Students match dialogue to the appropriate scene and then have the chance to rearrange the boxes of the story into the correct sequence.  Cartoons just shows one funny ESL cartoon box that a teacher would appreciate.  The animations link has a very interactive game through whiteboard.  It allows students to practice looking for and using context clues, in this case, to help solve the mystery of the missing hat.  This website can be very helpful for ESL students who need to practice their reading skills as it offers many tools for self-guided learning.