Here are links to resources that will be helpful to teaching "nutrition" related ELL classes.

This particular link is full of helpful links about food and nutrition, eating disorders, and drugs.  There are many printable quizzes and tests as well as crossword puzzles.  There are links to online quizzes and selected reading materials.  There are also helpful videos and audio clips related to these topics.

The general site, however, has many things available to ESL teachers and students alike.  The fun thing about Isabel's site is that you can find many of the materials both in English and in Spanish.  There are links to webquests, which are very interactive lessons, activitiess and games for students to play and complete.  They provide many tasks that will hopefully met all learners needs.  There are many web-based activities that include links to reading selections followed by a list of questions for students to answer.  The questions also contain links to the answers to provide immediate feedback for independent learning.  You can spend hours on this site, exploring all it has to offer, but user beware: this site is not without it's kinks.  Always be sure to check every link to assure that it is working properly.  Know that there are spelling errors.  Come to terms with the idea that spacing isn't perfect and alignment is off.  But with a little studying of your own, you could really utilize so much of this site to really benefit your ELL students that covers a wide variety of topics.

This website contains links to vocabulary and quizzes, interactive lessons, listening, reading, conversation questions, related links, and related topics.  Under the vocabulary and quizzes link you will find lists of words along with pictures that allow students time to study and then "quiz" their knowledge.  It also provides quizzes that can be submitted for immediate feedback.  The interactive lessons were fun little games with sound clips to listen to before answering questions by clicking on appropriate spots.  Not only were the games helpful and educational, they were fun as well!  Listening contains both a written and audio piece of dialogue as well as listening games that ask you to listen to a small portion of the audio before answering a question and moving on.  The reading link provides links to various reading pieces, some of which are organized by ability level, providing graphics and shortening paragraphs with easier language if you choose level one over level three.  Conversation questions provides just that: an easy way to guide conversation within the classroom about topic.  Related links will guide you away from the website to sources will useful information.  Related topics will keep you on the website but redirect you to a new topic with a similar set up for activities to use.  This site can be very helpful as it has good information and is very easy to use and navigate through!