Weekly Words

The weekly words are introduced on Monday. Your child will write them in his/her weekly word book as well as in the agenda. There are usually 5-7 words, as well as a couple of bonus words which relate to what we are doing in other subject areas (i.e. Math/Science/Social Studies). Please review the words with your child throughout the week. We will be doing this throughout the week in class, but any reinforcement at home is a big help!

There will be a spelling test each Friday :-).

Here are some ways to 'play' with the words at home:

*Use the words in a sentence, either orally or written

*If you have magnetic letters at home you can build the words using the magnets

*Point out the words in the everyday environment

*Flash cards for review

*Play go fish with the words using home made flash cards

*Write the words with sidewalk chalk

*Spell the words using a whiteboard, chalkboard, magnadoodle, etc..

*Cheer the words, clap each letter, sing the words, count the syllables using claps etc..



Grade 1 Grade 2 Bonus Words
Sept. 10 and, of, the, a, to sit, many, call, pull, read, cold school, pencil
Sept. 17 went, sat, in, it, is best, first, sleep, because, tell pattern, attribute
Sept. 24 all, we, can, his, are always, both, fast, before, buy community, globe
Oct.1 an, did, he, she, that does, found, five, green, off number, October
Oct. 8

am, by, had, one, or

around, been, don’t, gave, goes library, park
Oct. 15 go, like, my, two, us right, sing, their, made, or farm, pumpkin
Oct. 22   these, those, very, us, upon Halloween, witch
Oct. 29   use, wash, why, work, which scary, ghost
Nov. 5   your, would, write, wish, it's poppy, soldier
Nov. 12   game, great, told, who, what graph, data
Nov. 19   saw, see, should, could, trip add, subtract
Nov. 26   after, next, try, put, family animal, habitat
Dec. 3   came, same, mane, frame, shame Advent, waiting
Dec. 10   here, near, clear, ear, dear Jesus, birthday
Dec. 17   Break Week--No Words This Week  
Jan. 7   line, fine, mine, time, shine January, Winter
Jan. 14   oval, over, stove, old, open, snow, toboggan
Jan. 21   use, uniform, unicorn, cute, cube solid, liquid
Jan.28   about, add, any, ago, apple shape, communion
Feb. 4   away, back, being, blue, black dissolve, absorb
Feb. 11    bike, bird, boat, bring, brother Valentine, Heart
Feb. 18   cake, call, candy, change
Lent, prayer
Feb. 25   city, clean, club, coat,
country, Canada
March 4   cry, cup, cut, deep, doing Toronto, Ontario
March 18   door, down, dress
drive, drop

Easter, Spring
March 25   each, egg, fall, fast, father flower, bunny
April 1   feed, feel, feet, fell
April, showers
April 8   flag, floor, fly, food
climate, weather
April 15   four, fox, from, full, funny air, water
April 22   goat, gone, girl, give, glad wind, blowing
April 29   grade, grass, grow, going, gold May, soil
May 6   adding, jumping, running, hopping, doing evaporate, precipitation
May 13   letter, mother, father, dinner, after condensation, cycle
May 20   miss, bell, will, hill, fill  simple, machine
May 27   cakes, hats, dogs, rules, teachers plural, June
June 3   can't, don't, I'm, didn't, he's likely, unlikely
June 10   I've, she's, we've, wouldn't, couldn't Summer, certain
June 17   buy, by, one, won, eye, I see, sea