Homework Expectations

For third graders, homework plays a very important role.  Our day is jam packed with wonderful learning opportunities.  Homework provides each student the opportunity to practice and reinforce what they have learned, as well as prepare for assessments, complete projects, and apply those skills they have been introduced to in class to real life situations. 

Your child can expect to have between 30 to 45 minutes of homework each night.  This will usually consist of spelling practice, math assignment, and 20 minutes of independent reading.  Occasionally, your child will bring home wordly wise (vocabulary) assignments or will have a book report to work on and complete. 

3G Assignment Board

Each student has been given a laminated assignment sheet to record their homework.  This can be used with dry erase markers.  The assignment sheet is sent home daily in the communication folder, to assist the student in completing their homework.  Please make sure both the assignment sheet and communication folder return to school each day.