The expectation of each third grader is simple…

  • Be kind.
  • Show respect to your classmates, faculty/staff, and to school property.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
  • Always be honest.
  • Work hard and ask for help when you need it.

These expectations are reinforced daily and celebrated with gems and ribbons!

Gem Jar

The 3G Gem Jar is used to reinforce whole class behavior.  For example, if the class works wonderfully in gym class, showing team work and good sportsmanship, we receive a handful of gems in our jar.  However, if the class does not show positive behavior, such as talking during a classmate’s presentation, we would lose a handful.

Once we have reached our goal of filling our jar, it’s time to celebration with a GEM JAR CELEBRATION!  This often consists of a special activity which the class votes on. 

Classroom Bucket

To reinforce kindness, we try to fill our classroom bucket with random acts of kindness.  The goal of this activity is to demonstrate how a few kind words or actions go a very long way to make someone’s day.  The students are asked to think about what makes them feel good.  Is it a simple hello in the morning? A compliment for the new haircut or outfit? Or a simple thank you for holding a door for an adult? 

The students can write how someone else’s actions “filled their bucket” that day and leave it in our class bucket.  I wil check the bucket from time to time and tie a colorful ribbon on a garland for each positive act.  Our goal is to have this garland grow throughout this year with as many ribbons tied to it for all the positive acts of our classmates.