Ms. Graves' First Grade Class

Mrs. Graves’ First Grade

HomeworkWeek of August 31 
Monday1)Read your Spelling Words to an adult2)Spelling p.21 & 22Use a Number Line to Count On p.21Read for 20 minutes.     
TuesdayWrite 3 sentences using one spelling word in each. Remember capital letter and period.Count On p. RW20 Read for 20 minutes. Early Release- 1:15
WednesdayNo Homework – Family NightNo Homework – Family NightRead for 20 minutes.   Progress Reports – Sign and Return to School
ThursdayWords with Digraphs sh, th (p. 23 & 24)Study spelling words for a spelling test tomorrow.Use a Number Line Count On p. RW21Read for 20 minutes.  Wear River Road t-shirt for Spirit Day!
FridayRead a book.Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
Enduring Questions

·         Can I correctly sound out the diagraph sh / th?

·         Can I sequence the story after I read?

·         Do I know the difference between a complete and incomplete sentence?

·         Can I write a complete sentence?

·         Can I recognize a question?

·         Can I punctuate a question correctly?

·         Can I distinguish between a statement and question?

·         Can I add two numbers together that equal less than 10?

·         Do I use different strategies when adding?

·          Do I know my address and my city, state and country?
Special NotesEarly Release Day – Tuesday, September 1 (Pick-up at 1:15)Progress Reports – Wednesday, September 8PTA SNACK DAYS – (Fridays)  September 4, 11, 18PTA Parent Readers – Friday, September 18  (contact PTA if interested in being a reader)
 Spelling Words 1. path2. shack3. dish4. that5. wish 6. thin7. be8. could9. down10. see

Kindergarten Sight Words

was, to, my, we, a, go, see, the, has, if, me, I, said, for, that, have, do, you, and, is, she, with, he, are

First Grade Sight Words

in, the,can, come, and, like, it, did, not, will, yes, no, what, big, jump, down, out, find, back, came, off, on, top, was, went, are, I'm, blue, look, fly, ride, boy, always, be, he, green, day, we, both, why, get, from, now, here, little, one, this, other, play, two, put, sitting, our, stop, only, three, four, over, all, but, old, once, there, when, gave, much, of, very, any, were, could, house, saw, just, time, say, eat, next, best, knows, how, thinks, room, feet, as, does, again, same, before, long, soon, after, make, more, them, help, who, asked, some, these, into, found, last, must, where, they, while together, home, town, outside, still, every, because, ight, keep, good, live, way, turn, their, feel, work, afraid, night, most, wish, close, end, right, small, later, miss, alone, another, morning, open, school, today, street, made, city, take, never, part, may, please, door, show, took, been, great, far, around, cold, give, mean, something, other, children, pretty, alway, for, her, high, me, so, then, too, until, up, your, by, red, yellow, she, am, run, that, at, or, had, an, funny, ran, book, brown, black, fall, going, him, if into, let, ate, goes, got, cut, has, fast, first, five, hot its, many, new, pull, read, sing, six, then, upon, us, about, buy, full, grow, hold, kind, round, sleep, smart, start, tell, thank, try, under, walk, well, white, can't, better, bring, clean, carry, done, don't, draw, drink.

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