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 March 25, 2011                                                       Dear Parents,              It’s week 30 and the beginning of Fourth Quarter!              Our next field trip is to the AMC movie theater at Merchant’s Crossing on May 5th.  We will be seeing the Disney movie African Cats, which ties in with our Earth Day program and our study of Africa earlier this year.  All field trip money is due by Wednesday, March 29th.  The cost per student is $5.  Please let me know if you need another copy of the permission slip.  Students cannot go on the trip without a signed permission slip.  Order forms have been sent home for Earth Day T Shirts.  These T shirts are what students will be wearing for their musical in April.  They will also be used for an upcoming field trip.  The cost of shirts is $5.  If you have any questions or need another order form, please contact me.Here is what else is coming up this week:Reading- Our Story for the week is "Wild Horses." This is a nonfiction selection about actual Wild Horses in the western United States that are part of a sanctuary.  The comprehension skill is Cause and Effect.  Since this is a short week, the comprehension test and the FCAT Format Weekly Assessments will be given on Friday, April 1st.Science- It is also time for our annual Science Fair!  All students will participate as they have in past years.  I have a template for the written report that is available to you via email.  If you would like a copy, please email me at  All students should have now turned in forms with their topic marked as well as parent and student signatures.  This week, students should also designate a journal to be used to keep track of their research and experiment results.  Lastly, they should begin their initial research of the topic.  If students begin these steps and realize that their topic is not working, now is the time to change.  Please let me know if this occurs.Math- We have begun Topic 6 and our work with Fractions.  On Tuesday, March 29th, we will cover pgs. 419-426 in our textbook on Equivalent numbers and fractions.  On Wednesday, we will cover  Approximating Fractions on p.427-430 as well as review.  A math test will be given on Thursday, March 31st.Language Arts- Our grammar topic for the week is  using “better, best, worse, or worst” to compare.  This concept is very similar to using “more” and “most” to compare.   Spelling words for the week are:  uncle, turtle, total, pencil, oral, pebble, channel, local, paddle, pupil, symbol, medal, bubble, settle, vessel, bugle, pedal, special, ankle, docile, barber, anchor, cheddar, animal, snorkel, descendants, sanctuary, threatened, coaxing, habitat.  A spelling test will be given on Friday, April 1st.Social Studies-We are concluding our study of the American Revolution this week.  We will cover lessons 18-20 on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as have our Jeopardy Review.  The test will be given on Thursday, March 31st.  Students are encouraged to bring textbooks home to review what has been covered in class as the reading can be challenging.  All students should review Lesson 10: The Boston Tea Party.  This lesson was covered in class by a sub and students answered the questions on their own, but their work shows that they have missed key concepts.  Please review this section with your child.  We reviewed Lesson 10 again in class as well.Please let me know if you have questions.  Have a great week! Thank you,Ms. Hall