Kindergarten Home Page

Hello and Welcome to Ambrose Catholic Kindergarten! We are going to have a wonderful, hard working, and fun year ahead. I am looking forward to working with you and your child. I will help your child to grow and succeed in their first full year of school. Kindergarten is a year of learning and exploring many new things. We focus on social growth, as well as academics. There is direct instruction in Religion, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We engage in cooperative learning centers as well as playtime. Differentiated instruction plays an important role in our classroom. Each child learns at their own level, and it is my responsibilty to make sure they are taken from the level they are at to a higher level.

My Philosophy for discipline is based on the belief that chidren need affection and firm guidance for success. We focus on positive reinforcement through daily routines and self reflection in the "thinking chair".

Students are expected to treat everyone in our classroom with kindness and respect. Hitting, name calling, and laughing at others will not be permitted.

Kindergarten is a year of making new friends and working cooperatively and this is just what we will accomplish!!