Kindergarten Skills

Kindergarten is a year where the boys and girls are introduced to many of the foundations of learning. Our skills and objectives are met through various learning games and instruction. The skills necessary for moving along to Grade one are listed below.

Reading- In reading this year the children must be able to identify all the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sound. They must recognize that vowels are special letters that can make more than one sound. I foster reading and enjoyment of books through trade books, informational texts and good literary stories that have familiar and predictable text. Key skills  in their reading developement are rhyming words, word families word associations, parts of a story including characters, book print sequencing events, and identifying the problem of the story. The children are introduced to 100 basic sight words in hopes of mastery of 80 to 100.

Math-In math we work on number recognition, number sense and counting. Each child must be able to count up to 100. We also skip count. We use manipulatives daily to foster one to one correspondence. We also work on time, money, measurement, standard and non standard, and addition and subtraction.

Science and Social Studies- In the areas of science and social studies we discuss many things relating to our lives at present. We talk about living and non livng things, animals and their environment, our families and communities. We discuss each of the seasonal holidays and their importance. We also dicuss space and healthy habits.

Religion- The kindergarten year is all about God's Creation. Children learn that God has created us, our families, and the world around us. We discuss this in depth.


We are VERY busy in Kindergarten EVERY Day!!!