Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures 



Students must be in attendance daily.  If your child is not in attendance then they must turn in a medical excuse.  Students can arrive at school no earlier than 7:25a.m...  Students are to be in their classroom at 7:55a.m. or they will be marked tardy.  School is dismissed at 2:55p.m.  Students must be picked up no later than 3:10p.m.



Students must have money in their lunch accounts if they are full or reduced pay.  If your child brings their own lunch, they can purchase milk for .25cents.  Make checks payable to Evangeline Elementary Cafeteria.  Please include your child’s first and last name and lunch number on every payment. Place it in the zipper bag found in your child’s binder.


Please send all monies in a sealed envelope or Ziploc bag.  Please be sure to write your child’s name and the reason for the money on the envelope or Ziploc bag.  Place it in the zipper bag found in your child’s binder.


School supplies/supply fees

 Please send all supplies to school with your child to ensure they are prepared for class. First grade supply fees are $25.00.  Please make an effort to pay all supply fees before the end of the first nine week grade period.  If you cannot pay the supply fees within the first nine weeks then we set up weekly or monthly payments.  Please send either CASH or Money order, NO checks.


Bug  Binder

Your child will receive a class binder. It will consist of the following:

Bug Binder Contents




Parent Notes/ Money


Conduct and Weekly Agenda


Rigby Reading Vocabulary Words.

7- 8

Math Practice


Book Bag


Homework Folder

 Also Included:

Sight Word List: Your child should eventually know all of these words.

Rigby Reading First Grade Vocabulary List: Your child should be able to tell you the words after learning them and the meaning of each.

Number Chart: Students should practice counting forward and backward up to 120.

Fact families: Students should practice daily. (coming soon)





Homework will be found on the weekly agenda found in the bug binder.  All study guides, weekly newsletters will be found in your child’s homework binder. The homework folder found in the bug binder is our communication so if you have any concerns you can place a note in your child’s homework folder. Your child will also take home a homework folder.  Please empty the folder of all completed work daily. You can also place notes in the folder if need be.


Signed Papers

Signed papers will be sent home on Tuesday afternoons.  This will be a compilation of all your child’s tests and quizzes.  Please review with your child, sign, and return the entire packet to school in the Homework folder.



Accelerated Reader


The Evangeline Elementary Library seeks to instill in our students a love of reading and a love of books. In working with the classroom teachers, it is our goal to play an integral role in helping students to achieve excellence in education.

STAR Reading scores represent how students performed on this test compared to a nationally representative sample of students. These scores present a "snapshot" of achievement at a specific point in time. It is important to remember that many factors can affect a student's test scores. STAR test scores give only one picture of how a student is doing in school.

The Accelerated Reader program allows students to answer questions on a recently read book whose level is based on his/her STAR score. The AR program is built on the premise that practice strengthens performance. Students must read and test on books that are on their individual reading level and score 85 percent or better to earn points.

Students will be allowed to check out books from our school library. When a student loses a book they are not allowed to check out books until the book is returned or the book is paid for.

******Remember, reading touches everything that we do. So try to read for at least 15-30 minutes each day....The more you practice, the better you become!*******


Student of the Week

A student of the week will be chosen once a week starting the 2nd nine week period.  That student will be chosen based on exemplary performance in either academics, behavior, or improvement.  The will be able to enjoy several privileges throughout the week.  This recognition is in addition to our “Cub of the Month”   award through our PBS program.