Your child’s daily conduct will be placed in your child’s homework binder.

Green face: A+ /100 points        Awesome

Warning:  A-

Yellow face: B+ /90 points       Be Better

Warning: B-

Orange face: C+ /80 points      Recess Detention

Warning: C-

Red face: D+ /70 point             Phone call/note home

Warning: D-

Sad face:  F/60  points             Minor infraction


Your child will receive a daily grade. At the end of each week the daily grades will be averaged into a weekly grade.  They can earn up to 500 points each week.  The total points they earn each week will be divided by the total possible pointsAll weekly grades for the entire nine week term will be averaged for their final grade.



Grading Scale:

This grading scale is what will be used this year for behavior as well as the other subject areas.

A         100-93

B         92-85

C         84-75

D         74-67

F          66-0




Class Rules

1. Be respectful of yourself and others.

2. Raise your hand before you speak.

3. Listen quietly while others are speaking.

4. Complete work on time.

5. Keep your hands to yourself.

6. Obey all school rules.

7. Always do your best.


Consequence Flow Chart


  1. C conduct results in a recess detention
  2. D conduct results in phone call or note home.
  3. F conduct results in minor infractionMinor infractions will be sent home for parents to sign and return to school.
  4. Schedule parent-teacher conference
  5. After student collects 4 minor infractions, they will be sent to the office with a discipline referral.


  1. Verbal praise
  2. Brag note to parents
  3. Free computer time
  4. snack
  5. A+, A-, B+, B- Conduct  (sticker daily)
  6. 5 stickers earns cub cash/ treasure box weekly