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Bug Newsletter


Ms Arvie’s Bug Update

Date: 10/22-10/26,2012





Choosing a topic and writing ideas/ asking sentences





Theme 5 wk1: My Neighborhood

Story:  Be my Neighbor,  Shark in the Park,

Comprehension:  Create Images

Vocabulary:  playground, park, public

Sight words:  more  or  by   there  milk   you   funny  here





Supply fees  are due.  We do have payment plans available.

Parent-teacher Conferences October 24th-25th

Tues. Oct. 30th  Career Day ( We need 3 parent volunteers to come and share your career with the students)

Check out our class website:  www.msholly.educatorpages.com




Monday:  read spelling and sight words.

Read 15 minutes.

 Math:  Count numbers 1-90.

Write fact family

Tuesday: Write sight words and spelling words. Read 15 minutes.

Math: Count numbers 1-90.

Write fact family.

Wednesday: Use one sight word and one spelling word in a sentence.

Math: count numbers 1-90

Write fact family.


Math: Write fact family.Read 15 minutes.






Ways to make 10

Ex  6 +4 = 10

Adding doubles

Ex 1+1=2


Drawing Story Problems




Bun  fun  hug  rug  lug 

Challenge:  *dull