Teacher Profile/Classroom Information

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My name is Jenna Howen and I am the teacher of Room 203. I am a certified Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Cross-Categorical Special Educator that works in the Milwaukee Public Schools. This is my third year teaching at Morse and I am interested in creating interactive resources for both students and parents to use. This year, a great addition to the classroom was a brand new SmartBoard that the students thoroughly enjoy using throughout the day. As always, we have an open door policy at Morse and you are welcome to come visit at any time!

 Contact Information:

Room 203 Phone Number: 414-616-5878

School Email: howenjr@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

School Address: 4601 N 84th St Milwaukee, WI 53225

You can get directions to Morse by clicking http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/morse/english/directions.html.