Language! Class Information

This page is to be a resource for the students inĀ  my 7th and 8th hour Language! course. This week we are working on:

  • Reviewing sound-spelling correspondences with both vowels and consonants.
  • Reviewing phonemic awareness with consonant blends and syllable segementation by counting syllables.
  • Build multisyllabic words to expand word recognition and spelling.
  • Practice fluent single-word reading.
  • Analyzing parts of compound words to determine meaning and categorizing words to build meaning.
  • Students will learn that a compound direct object consists of two direct objects joined with a conjunction.
  • Students will identify phrases and read them fluently.


Your spelling words for the week are:

  1. would
  2. should
  3. been
  4. could
  5. two
  6. too
  7. income
  8. sunlit
  9. bushes
  10. something
  11. nutmeg
  12. rubbed
  13. they'd
  14. she'd
  15. instruct