MES Kindergarten Curriculum Map**

Language Arts



Social Studies


Book/Print Awareness, and Phonemic AwarenessUnit:  School Get Ready, Get Set, Science!:  5 senses, safetyAll About Me (Name, Address, Phone #, Birthday)Families and Friends 
SeptemberBook/Print Awareness, and Phonemic AwarenessUnit:  Shadows Seasons:   FallLiving and Non-livingThings:  Animals All About Me:school, room, neighborhood. city, state, country(map skills)
OctoberBook/Print Awareness, and Decoding/EncodingUnit:  Finding Friends Day/NightContinents/ Christopher Columbus(map skills)
NovemberDecoding/EncodingNursery RhymesUnit:  Wind  Early Exploration and Settlement (Native Americans and Pilgrims)
DecemberHolidays around the worldUnit:  Wind  Multicultural Awareness: Holidays and Different Customs
JanuarySight Word RecognitionUnit:  Stick To It Gravity and Motion Seasons:  WinterMartin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights
FebruaryCultural Awareness/Black HistoryUnit:  Red, White, and Blue Properties of matter  Presidents and American Symbols
MarchUnit:  Teamwork Rocks and SoilsSeasons:  SpringPresidents and American Symbols
AprilFairy TalesUnit:  Teamwork and By the Sea Living and NonLiving Things:  PlantsCommunity Workers
MayNonfiction LiteratureUnit:  By the Sea Seasons:  Summer 
 *Our school is implementing the Everyday Mathematics program.  This program provides content that is presented and explored in age-appropriate ways.  This spiraling curriculum allows for content to be continuously reviewed and extended to maximize student learning.  Over the course of the year, kindergarten students will do many hands-on activities related to a range of mathematical topics, including counting, numeration, measurement, geometry, patterns, sorting, and data collecting.**Teachers will differentiate instruction to provide the support needed for all students to succeed.