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Thanks for stopping by! I am a gr. 9th- Math and Science teacher in Inuksuk High School.
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Mesut SIMSEK  BSc Ed, SpecEd part-1, Guidance part-1, ESL part 1

The listed math and science assignments are required work. There is no due date; however, I strongly suggest that you complete all the given assignments on time as they not only reinforce newly acquired  skills and  knowledge but also prepare  you for subsequent concepts and skills.

Math: Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday. Science: Thursdays.
Unfinished work becomes homework; students are expected to complete their unfinished work for homework.

Where: Inuksuk HS Library
When/Time:     Monday-Friday /3 pm-4 pm



April 27 -28, 2009 @ 7-8 pm:
Information Meeting ( Highschool Diploma Requirments and Gr. 10 courses)