students are responsible for getting notes and assignments for missed days. Please see me as soon as possible if you have not completed the assignments. The list will be updated weekly.  

Unit1- Number Theory and Patterns
1- Place Value,Multiples and Factors
2- Order of Operations
4- Fractions- Fractions /Decimals/Percent
6- Fractions:Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
7-Test: Fractions/Decimals
8- Algebraic expressions-1
9-Algebraic expressions -2
10- Algebraic expressions and Order of Operations
11- Evaluating algebraic expression
12-Test: Algebra
13- Exponents-1
14. Exponents-2
15. Exponents-3
16.MATH MIDTERM EXAM (Tuesday, January 20,2009)
17. Test: Exponents
Unit 2-Angular and Linear Relationships (2D and 3D shapes)
1- Line and Angles
2- Angle Relationships
3-Classifying Figures
4-Constructing Figures
5- Angle sum of Triangle and Quadrilaterals
6-Unit Test 
Unit 3- Measurement