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3/7/2013 - This is me tying Johnny's new shoes.


3/6/2013 - This is Dylan with our librarian, Ms. Whitlock.  She is doing a 5 day, research project on simple machines.

3/6/2013 - I read this whole book today.

2/14/13 - Valentine's Day is a fun day because you get lots of cards.  You also get lots and lots and lots of candy.  You can get several cards or less cards or how many cards your mother gives you. It is a fun day.


2/28/13 - Simple machines are machines that are simple.  They are gears, wedges, pulleys, levers,   and  screws.         The screw helps somebody put together something.  Pullies can  raise a flag, lift heavy boxes, or  lower big nets.The gear helps run something.  The inclined plane helps somebody push something up.  The wedge cuts something.  3/8/13 -   We are doing a play on simple machines. We are learnig a lot about simple machines. We have just finished our play. We will act it out next week in front of our class. I am typing on the computer.  This is a picture of me with my group:



Understanding subtraction with regrouping

Magnets are things that stick to iron.  They have two poles, a south pole and a north pole.  If you put together the opposite poles they will attract .But if you put the same poles together they will repel. That is a force!!  May the force be with you!!

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