Johnny's Page


Ms.Kitty is my cat.  I love her very muchShe is prettyI have had her for 7 years.  She is cute and I kiss her a lot.  I sometimes play with her at my house.

Ms.Kitty licks me that means she kisses me!  She is fuzzy!  She loves meMs.Kitty sometimes  watches me play Pokemon Planktom versoin.She lays by me sometimes.

I like to play with her. I bring her in a blanket and play my game. She is super cute.


Pokemon is my favorite thing.Only girl combees evolve!I  Defeated a gym with my blastorst at level 70! Oh my smasher evolved at level 43!

 I AM JOHNNY, huh! Is that a egg. I will go get it! WOW ITS HATCHING!  BONG bmmmmmmmmmmmm bong! It's a  pokemon!

It's Charmander at level 34!    It's a wild Chimchar. I caught Chimcar.        


Stuart Little    by E.B. White


It's easy to push stuff with wheels. When you push somthing you use force and  when you pull you are using force.