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All About Science

A chemical change is when something morphs into something else.    Rust is when metal things get old. To get rust you need steel wool and water. In 2 days it will rust. Rust is science. 

  Twizzler Math - cherry flavored!  Each Twizzler strand is 10" long.  A total of 9 Twizzlers strands is equal to 90".


Mr.Holt's  birthday was last Friday.  I am going to get him a present.  I have 5 best friends they are Mr.Holt, Dylan, Alex, Lindsey, and Mollie.  I like to go outside to the track. I like to play Tom and Jerry in PE every day. It is so fun to play.  Mr.Holt is good at PE.








This dinosaur was dug up in Madagascar an island near south east Africa.  The only living animals that have teeth that stick out like this are fisheaters such as the crocodilian are called the gharial.