Keviyah's Page

yesRose's are red violets are blue and  I Iove the internet!!!      

   Hearts are red and I love my mommy too!!!                                                    


     Let me tell you about my school year.  You can have the best school year. You have to ask your teacher to tell you about herself. Then you can do math, science, language, and social studies.  Mrs. Sipe's class is the best teacher in Old Center Elementary. That is my school year. The End.

I am going back to my simple machine project on Monday. We had to cancel it last week because of Read Me Week.  Tyler in the picture will go with me. 

On Febuary 21, 2013 I started a project of simple machines.  There is a group of people and the people are Tyler, Alex, Dylan, and me.  We go to the library and Mrs. Whitlock is our teacher. 


March 8, 2013

Here is an update about our project.  Right now we are doing our project right now in old center elementary at 10:44am.You might be wondering what we are doing so I will tell you.We are working on a play right now.You may be wondering why we are doing a play when it is getting close to spring break but I was the one who made this idea.

The Day I Got A Dog

One day I wanted a dog. That day will be when I move. I want that day to be September 6, 2013. I'll keep playing with her. I will call her Samantha just like my bunny.  My teddy bear's name is Jewels.  They will be twins. 


You must be wondering what magnets are. So I will tell what they are.  First, magnets are things that attract to iron. If you hold  two opposite poles together they will attract.  If you hold two like poles together they will repel.

Let me tell you a about space.  Now, did you know Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon?  The moon  has craters and moonrocks. Did you know that planets orbit the sun every year.  It takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun.  Mrs. Sipe has been around the sun 49 times!