Leantra's Page

3/6/2013 - This is Mr. Yeary, our music teacher. Mr.Yeary is our music teacher.  Sometimes we play drums.  I like to sing, my favorite song is Hey Charlie and What's for Lunch. I never got in trouble in music because, I am always good.   Sometimes we play drums

This is me learning my math facts with Johnny.






  Trash is something you can recycle like, plastic, paper, glass, and metal.  Sometime you don't  have to recycle.  Here is an example:  If you don't want a doll you can give it to your baby sister or your friend.  Some trash breaks down in a dirt pit for years.  Like newspapers stayed in the dirt pit for 1 month,  cotton fabric 6 months,  paited wood 10 years,  tin can 100 years,  and the last one plastic container it stayed in the dirt pit for 500 years!