Mrs. Sipe's Second Grade

Welcome to our classroom's little corner of the web. This website was created to keep you informed of the many things that are happening. You will find information about our daily schedule, current units of study, and you can view fun samples of students' work. Please visit often for more tidbits of information that will help you get a glimpse into our classroom.

The Educational Purpose of Student Web Pages

Why are we writing our own web pages? Here are 2 good reasons:

First, it gives us the opportunity to practice typing on a keyboard. Next year in third grade, your child will be taking the formal writing assessements on the computer. The practice they are getting now will help them be more confident when they are asked to type to a writing prompt that will more than likely be timed.

Second, as the picture states, "I can explain my learning." When students can write about their learning using academic vocabulary the knowledge is more likely to stay in the brain. After Spring Break, the students will only be posting information that comes from our lessons. The table and word list that you see in the picture is our "Website Wizards" learning center. This is where your child will first write and then publish on their web page.

"Get a good idea, and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it's done, and done right."
- Walt Disney

"Education is the key that opens the golden door."
- George Washington Carver


Upcoming Events

The SAT 10  Achievement Test (which is much like TCAP) will be April 28, 29, and May 1st and 2nd.  All testing will be done in the morning.  This test will show growth from September until the end of April.  I will post more information as the time draws near. 

Special Invitation to EL Parents
I will be hosting an EL Ladies Luncheon on April 19 for all EL parents, grades K-4 in our building. There will be a translator present to answer any questions pertaining to your child's education at Old Center Elementary. We will also discuss ways you can help your child prepare for SAT 10 or TCAP. Please join us for food, fun, and lots of good information. You will find a formal invitation in your child's folder this week.

We'll be celebrating spring with the arrival of the caterpillars from South Carolina Biological. The tiny critters are supposed to ship soon after we return from Spring Break. Each student will have their own caterpillar! We'll watch the process of metamorphasis as they evolve into butterflies which takes about a month. I'll post our butterfly release date so you can come watch us set them free in the Butterfly Garden at Old Center. 

Update:  Thanks to Ms. Glodo for ordering the caterpillars.  They will be arriving on April 17!

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Our Daily Schedule Lunch and Such
8:15 - Skills Review
8:45 - Art, Music, or PE
9:45 - Guided Reading
11:00 - Shared Reading
11:30 - Writing
12:30 - Read Aloud
1:00 - Math
2:00 - Science or Social Studies
Fridays are shopping day at Mrs. Sipe's Store. Don't be late! The store closes at 8:15.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are library days.
Every other Thursday is Prize Cart Day.  Bundle your tickets into 10's.
On Tuesday, Mrs. Whitlock, the librarian, reads a math story to us.
Lunch is always 11:55 - 12:25.