The Great Depression

 Of Mice and Men 

The Great Depression – a Web Quest 


This is a web quest designed to give you a better understanding of an era called The Great Depression, which took place in the 1930's.  By becoming familiar with what life was like for Americans during this time, you will have a better perspective of the novella, Of Mice and Men. Your job is to complete each part of the process on a word document.  Be sure to print out each part as you complete it, and compile your findings in a stapled package that you can present to me when the web quest is completed.  Good luck, and have fun! 


Use the following Websites to help you compile a scrapbook cover of The Great Depression for your package.  You should have between 4-8 photographs.  You should also include a heading that looks like this:

your first and last name 

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Web Quest

Of Mice and Men – by John Steinbeck

The Great Depression   

Page 1 - Use the following websites to help you create a strong definition of The Great Depression.  Your definition can be presented however you choose.  (a dictionary entry, through clip art, a timeline, a piece of artwork, etc.) 

Page 2 - Go to the following web page and answer the questions below in complete sentences. 

a.       In your OWN words describe the 4 main causes of The Great Depression.

b.       Discuss some of the problems that arose as a result of The Great Depression.

c.       Compare and contrast Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt's philosophies of how to help America recover from the effects of The Great Depression.  

Page 3 - The life of the migrant worker during The Great Depression was not an easy one.  Using these websites, answer the following questions.  Be sure to type the question first.  On the next line, provide a thorough answer in at least one complete sentence. 

a.       What is a migrant worker?

b.      Why did migrant workers go to California?

c.       What role did “Okies” play in the Great Depression?

d.      What is a squatter?  What is a “Hooverville” and why was it named such? 

Page 4 -   Living in the 1930's was definitely difficult when it came to buying basic necessities.  Use the websites below to look up prices of what basic things cost back in the 1930's.  Make a spreadsheet of cost using the criteria listed below. 

 You will have 4 columns - a list of items column, a "then" column, a "now" column, and a “difference” column on your spreadsheet. 

1.       Select at least 15 items listed, and use the web pages to help you find the prices of items in the 1930's.  Use a search engine to find the prices of those same items now.  (,,, etc.) 

2.      Calculate the differences in the last column. 

3.      Choose the 5 most expensive items on your list.  If you were a teacher in the 1930’s and your weekly salary was $50, how many weeks would you have to work to buy those items?  If you were a doctor and your weekly earnings were $300, how many weeks would you have to work to buy those items? Answer in a complete sentence. 

4.      Choose the same 5 items on your list.  Imagine you are a teacher in 2010, and your weekly earnings are $500.  How many weeks would you have to work to buy those same items today?  If you were a doctor and your weekly earnings were $3000, how much would you have to work to buy those items? Answer in a complete sentence.    


Hopefully you have gained a better understanding of life in the 1930's during The Great Depression.  Now that you have all parts of this web quest completed, be sure to staple it all together (in order) and hand it in.  Congratulations on your journey back in time, well done!  You are officially ready to begin Of Mice and Men.