Week 2

This week your children are a little more familiar with the classroom routine. Some children may still take a little longer to leave a parents side and may have difficulty with morning drop off. Others may say good bye and walk right into the classroom and start the day. Children learn, grow and experience new things at their own pace. If your child is one who doesn't want you to leave them in the morning and becomes upset, don't worry there is nothing wrong. Some children will experience this type of emotion while others may have more experience with the center and entering new situations with ease. This can take time. Just remember to give a solid hug, a kiss and a smile. This week your children will start The Letter People. This is a large part of our program that will help your children learn letters, sounds and how to read and write.

Week 2 Activities in the classroom:

Theme: My Family

Basic Skills: The color RED

                       The shape Circle

                        Numbers 0-5

                        Letter N: Mr. N has a noisy nose

Literacy Concepts: Recognizing my name

                                    Alphabet Introduction with the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Math Concepts: Exploring math and manipulatives

Nursery Rhyme: Humpty Dumpty

Science: Introducing our classroom pet