How this page worksI update this Homework as often as possible. Since students work at individual paces, some students may have homework as others have finished it in class. This page is meant as a reminder page and in NO WAY takes place of your student's agenda. They should be getting in the habit of independently (with guidance when needed) tracking what items they need to work on for the next day,week,etc.


Some of the HW I assign is LONG TERM, therefore please remember to plan ahead &budget your time based on your extracurricular activities. Planning ahead will pace out the work and eliminate last minute, late nights! Let's get things done ON TIME and not look like this...crying

***All students are responsible for writing down assignments from other teachers (social studies, band/orchestra). Any work that is not done on time in those classes results in the loss of scholar dollars or parent contact. Those teachers may also choose to send students to Lunchtime Learners (Mon. and Thurs.) as needed.
Unless stated otherwise, assignments listed are due the next day.

 Homework is not a part of the students final grade and is meant to practice, reflect, prepare and learn time management skills. 



Week of Aug.20 - Aug.26, 2018

 Monday - 08/20/18

  • read for 20 

  • all supplies due Weds. 

  • all parent paperwork due Weds. 

   Tuesday- 08/21/18:

  • read for 20 

  • all supplies due tomorrow

  • all parent paperwork due tomorrow

Wednesday - 08/22/18

  • read for 20 

Thursday - 08/23/18

  • read for 20 

Friday - 08/24/18

  • Read for 20 minutes

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