School Supply List 2019-2020

Supply List 2019-2020



The following list represent the consumable supplies your child needs
for a good school year beginning. However, these items may need to be
replenished occasionally. 

S.O.S. "Sharing Of Supplies" is a program whereby students may
purchase extra supplies and leave them at the Principal's office in
order to help children less fortunate.
Please remember to bring ALL supplies the first week of school. Thank





  • 3-ring Binder 2 inches or larger





  • Package of binder Dividers





  • 3-holed pencil pouch





  • spiral notebooks, 70-100 pages each, college-ruled





  • composition notebooks, college-ruled





  • #2 pencils





  • large pair of scissors





  • colored pencils





  • red pens





  • blue or black ballpoint pens





  • highlighter pens





  • Erasers





  • set of water-based markers





  • personal pencil sharpener





  • glue sticks





  • large box of facial tissue





  • ear buds *available at the dollar store





  • optional back pack or book bag,