The Bengal Way

Monthly Character Trait Focus: 
September/October: Respect

November:/December: Responsibility

January: Integrity

March: Creativity

April:  Initiative

May:  Perseverance

Bengal of the Month Rewards:  

Each month 1-3 students are chosen as "The Bengal of the Month" for exhibiting pawsitive behavior. Those students get a certificate, Bengal Way bracelet, picture, and pizza lunch with their teacher the principal and family! 
Bengal Way Lunch Dates @ 11:55:
May. 21

The Bengal Way Character Traits

 The Bengal Pledge 
Resources for parents and kids for building character

Congratulations to The Bengals of the Month

September~Maya, Ava, Emmanuel 
October~ Maya, Ava, Emmanuel

November~Aysha, Lizzy, Carsyn
December~ Aysha, Lizzy, Carsyn  
January~ Mia M., Mason, Stella 
February~ Addison, Logan, Jasmine
March~ Jesse, Corinne, Hillary, Sam
April~ Mia A., Isaac, Shane, Lizzy   
May~ Alayna, Aysha, Nathan