The Bengal Way


Monthly Character Trait Focus: 
September: Respect

October: Responsibility 

November:/December: Integrity

January: creativity 

March: initiative 

April/ May:  Perseverance

Bengal of the Month Rewards:  

Each month 1or more students are chosen as "The Bengal of the Month" for exhibiting pawsitive behavior. Those students get a certificate, Bengal Way bracelet, picture, and pizza lunch with their teacher the principal and family! 
Bengal Way Lunch Dates @ 11:35:

Oct. 02nd 

Nov. 06th 

Dec. 18th 

Feb. 05th 

Mar. 04th 

Apr. 08th 

May 06th 




The Bengal Way Character Traits

 The Bengal Pledge 
Resources for parents and kids for building character

Congratulations to The Bengals of the Month

September~ Suzette, Eric, Elliot 
October~ Riley, Ella, Harper

November~ Caleb, Bryn, Yasmin 
DecemberCaleb, Bryn, Yasmin 
January~ Lada, Max, Brock, Abril 
February~Shaylee, Angelina, Channing, Emily