Spelling Words

 Please make sure that your child uses and practices the challenge words! 

                                                                Past lists include spelling patterns for:

  • short vowels 
  • -ck
  • Chubby C (a, o, u) and Skinny K (i, e, y)
  • Blends: L, R, S, and 3 letter S
  • Compound Words
  • not contractions
  • contractions with is, are, will, and have
  •  consonant digraphs (wh, ch, sh, th, ph)
  • vowel digraphs; ai/ay (long a), ee/ea/ey (long e), oa/oe (long o), oi/oy, ow (tw ways), au/aw

Please reinforce these at home during homework! 

Week of 2/28/11 - updated on Mondays! - FSZL (fizzle) Rule

List: stuff, small, class, mess, cuff, whiff, still, buzz, swell, fuzzy, message, jazz

Challenge words: again, among, heart, build