Certified Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting Diploma Program
The Medical Assisting Diploma is designed to bridge the gap between the traditional nurse in the physician's office and the medical secretary. This diploma prepares graduates for a position in the medical office in a clinical capacity. In addition to clinical and basic laboratory procedures, students learn current medical technology, medical codes, and other skills necessary to excel in the healthcare industry. Upon completion of a Diploma in Medical Assisting, students will have taken a variety of courses related to the healthcare field. Courses include Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Phlebotomy, and other Medical Lab classes. Students will also qualify to sit for national certification as a Medical Assistant (CMA), Phlebotomy Technician, and EKG Technician. To ensure a well-rounded medical assistant, the Medical Assisting program covers medical insurance and coding, medical transcription, and medical bookkeeping as it relates to the medical office.
 Course Listing
CS 102 Introduction to PCs
CS 204 Microsoft Office Word/Excel
CS 205 Microsoft Office PowerPoint/Access
DT 103 Medical Transcription
EN 111 College English
MS 101 Medical Law & Ethics
MS 102 Medical Terminology
MS 103 Pharmacology
MS 104 Medical Bookkeeping
MS 105 Medical Lab Procedures I
MS 107 First Aid & CPR
MS 109 Medical Insurance & Coding
MS 112 Anatomy & Physiology
MS 205 Medical Lab Procedures
MS 207 Phlebotomy
MS 208 Diseases
MS 215 Medical Lab Procedures
MS 220 Externship -- 240 Hours
MT 103 Business Math
OP 221 Professional Development/Office Procedures
SP 201 Introduction to Public Speaking
TP 111 Keyboarding/Typing I
TP 112 Keyboarding/Typing II